The Foundation is Set

The wettest winter on record in Sonoma County has finally subsided and we now have the opportunity to begin construction on the new Roche Winery!

Joseph and Brendan Roche pleased to finally see the footings being poured after 3 years of planning.


Liam Roche, son of Brendan & Colleen Roche, is more excited about the big concrete trucks then the actual concrete being poured.


Awaiting the third pour of the barrel room building.


Once the slab is cured the pouring crew cut their contraction joints in the barrel building.

After the concrete footings were poured in mid-April, on the days it wasn’t raining, we scrambled to install all the under-slab plumbing, refrigeration, and electrical, and prep the building pad for the concrete pour. During the last two weeks, the concrete foundation of the new winery has been poured in stages, beginning with the barrel room, and then the fermentation building, administrative offices, and tasting room. Some 460 total yards of concrete were poured as the Barrel Room building used 265 yards and the Fermentation building took another 195 yards of concrete. Once cured, we will be prepared to accept delivery of our custom metal buildings and the erection of the building may commence. 

Stay tuned as the foundation is now in and the new winery will rise fast!

The first pour of the Barrel Room.

Aerial view of the concrete pour