Donation Requests & Guidelines



The Roche Family and Roche Winery & Vineyards, LLC, are committed to giving back to communities we serve. Although Roche Winery is pleased to support a variety of non-profit organizations, we primarily focus our charitable giving to local police, fire and rescue agencies and organizations within the San Francisco Bay Area. We do our best to support philanthropic causes close to our current Carneros Club (wine club) members, Futures customers, and employees of Roche Winery & Vineyards.

On average, Roche Winery receives more than ten (10) requests per week for donations. Your organization’s request for donation is important to us, but due to the high number of requests received, we have enacted a donation policy. Please see our policy below.

Donation requests will not be considered unless they comply with all of the following guidelines:


Step 1 - Request Form

Download “Donation Request Form” and complete. An incomplete “Donation Request Form” will not be accepted. No phone calls nor in-person solicitations please.


Step 2 - Cover Letter

With the completed “Donation Request Form,” attach a cover letter on your organization’s letterhead. The letter must include:

  • Your organization’s non-profit Tax ID#
  • Date, time, and place of event
  • Details how Roche Winery can help your organization and its fundraising efforts

Step 3 - Submit

Donation requests must be emailed to Jason Klein, ATTN: DONATIONS or mailed to: Roche Winery, LLC, ATTN: DONATIONS, 122 West Spain Street, Sonoma, CA 95476. The “Donation Request Form” and the cover letter must be received by Roche Winery no later than six (6) weeks before the date of the event and/or delivery of the donation is required.


Step 4 - Confirmation

Within 21 business days Roche Winery is in receipt of your request, per the above guidelines, you will receive a response by phone or by email from Roche Winery as to whether we can honor your donation request. Please note:  The submission of a donation request per the above guidelines does not guarantee a donation.


Additional Policies

  • The majority of Roche Winery donations are NOT wine donations; rather they are often private wine or barrel tastings for groups at our downtown Sonoma tasting room
  • Roche Winery will not accept any donation requests via phone nor in-person solicitations
  • Roche Winery is not responsible for delivery or shipment of donated items
  • Roche Winery does not provide cash donations