Brendan Roche

Managing Partner

If there is anyone who knows the Roche family’s vineyard and winery operations from top-to-bottom, it is Brendan.  He was just five years old when his parents planted their first vineyard, and 10 years old when their first vintage was released. Brendan’s initial tasks at Roche Winery involved cleaning the tasting room and the offices. However, by age 12, he was a pro at driving the vineyard tractor. When he was 14, Roche Winery’s current winemaker, Michael Carr, was hired. By age 15, Brendan was already helping to pack the outgoing wine shipments, and as soon as he turned 21, he was behind the tasting room bar greeting customers and selling his family’s wines on weekends while attending business school.

In 2004, Joseph and Genevieve Roche promoted Brendan to General Manager, entrusting him with the supervision of all winery and vineyard operations. Perhaps his best decision as GM, was in 2009, when he relocated the winery’s retail operations to their now very popular downtown Sonoma tasting room. In 2013, under his direction, the Roche family began planning its new southern Sonoma winery and visitor center to accommodate the growth of their brand and customer base. Today, with the winery’s construction almost complete, Brendan looks forward to this next chapter with his team based at a state-of-the-art facility while also maintaining the winery’s existing downtown Sonoma tasting room.  

Business aside, Brendan and his wife Colleen, enjoy most spending time with their four children (Elizabeth, Clare, Liam and Genevieve) and watching them grow up locally in Sonoma Valley where he and his sisters were raised. Their children already have taken an interest in the wine business by joining their father on walks through the vineyard, asking Michael questions while he crafts the next vintage, and helping “Aunt Mo-Mo” (Mara Roche) at customer events.

Mara Roche - Partner / Cook

Mara Roche

Partner / Recipe Designer / Cook

Described as 'enthusiastic,' by a local paper she is quick with a smile, a wink and boisterous laugh. Mara designs recipes for our wine club as well as cooks her unique dishes for our barrel tasting events. When not in the kitchen you will find her answering phones, fixing glitches in our database, and teasing her nieces and nephew when they visit the winery. Mara writes a food blog called Aunt Momo's -- the name comes from what the third generation of Roches call her. On her days off she is either out on local waters racing with a competitive rowing team, working in her garden, or with her chickens. Her favorite wine? Anything that Michael makes.

Carrie Roche - Partner / Roche Vineyard Estate Manager

Carrie Roche

Partner / Roche Vineyard Retreat Manager

Carrie spends her days managing the daily operations of the family vacation rental nestled in the Tipperary Pinot Noir vineyards. Her work at the vacation rental involves tending the seasonal vegetable garden, greeting the guests upon arrival and setting up the house for ultimate comfort. She visits the tasting room often to chat with customers or meet friends for a glass of Chardonnay. You’ll also spot her at wine club events helping her sister Mara in the kitchen or behind the camera taking event photos. When Carrie's out of the office, you'll most likely find her on a road trip with her husband, Chris, looking for remote camping sites and fly fishing spots.

Kyle Beyer - Direct to Consumer Manager

Kyle Beyer

Director of sales

David Gistelli - Account Manager

Jason Klein

Director of marketing

Kevin Jordan - Account Manager

Leha Shuttleworth

Director of finance

Jason Klein - Director of Marketing & Business Development

David Gistelli

Account manager

Leha Shuttleworth - Director of Finance

Devyn Poolos

account manager

Laurel Powell - Office Administrator

Emma Clemens

Account manager

Azuza Mihara - Carneros Club

Sean Morgan

Sonoma Tasting room manager


Miguel Mejia

Winery & Vineyard foreman

Miguel Mejia - Facilities Manager

Jane Raley

wine club coordinator


Laurel Powell

office manager